Judith de Hollander, Business Development Advisor

“At Agrifirm, you are given the freedom to develop yourself.”

What do you do as a Business Development Advisor at Agrifirm Exlan?

I am a Business Development Advisor at Exlan. I supervise various spatial processes, such as applications for environmental permits, submitting requests in principle, and drafting and advising on zoning plans.

  • Can you tell something about the team you work in?

    I have a nice group of colleagues. We work throughout the country, part in the south (Oss) and part in the north (Meppel). The RO (Spatial Development) team consists of 5 people. In Meppel I share the office with a group of colleagues from other Exlan departments. I started fairly recently and I really like the combination of diverse colleagues. You can easily spar with each other. We also work a lot together with other disciplines and that makes the work very nice.

What is unique about working at Agrifirm?

The combination of yet a large company with a small-scale character. It is a very broad company with knowledge of various fields. Working at Agrifirm means working in a very nice team. At Agrifirm you are given the freedom to develop yourself. You are also given a great deal of freedom in the projects you work on at Exlan.

What career moves have you already made at Agrifirm?

I started as an intern at Exlan. While doing so, I looked at possible changes in function for farmers and at the same time I worked on ongoing projects. After graduating, I started working in my current position at Agrifirm.

From your position/with your team, how do you contribute to a responsible food chain for future generations?

Basically, I work on behalf of the client, but I am very much involved in projects that are about sustainability or a side business, for example. In particular, we bring the sustainable plans to implementation.