Diversity & Inclusion

Together we achieve more

We are all unique. Each of us is different from the rest. Royal Agrifirm Group offers an inclusive working environment in which there is room for differences. All these different colleagues represent many dimensions of diversity. We are convinced that we can best serve our members with a diversity of colleagues. After all, the challenges they have are increasingly divergent per region.

Diversity and Inclusion allow employees to be themselves, without fear of conscious or unconscious exclusion. It means having respect for others who think differently. It means our culture not only acknowledges these differences: it embraces them, respects them and recognizes their added value.
Likewise, instead of working on our own and alongside each other, it means we combine the differences and operate as a single, strong team.

We thus create both added value and opportunities for Agrifirm. It enhances our quality and is an enabler for innovation.

Diversity and Inclusion: This is what Agrifirm stands for.