Martijn, Assistant Plant Manager

‘When my team is satisfied, everything in the plant runs more smoothly.’

What does your day as Assistant Plant Manager look like?

I start at 07:00 a.m. in the morning. The most important thing, and therefore the first thing I do, is to walk around to see how the colleagues who are working the shift are doing. What is the situation? The morning shift has just started at that point. We start off the day together with the shift's crew and discuss what is planned for that day and any particulars. The situation in the plant is the most important. In other words, I start my day by asking: what is the status?

The purpose of my job is to ensure that operators can effectively do their work. I ensure that they have the resources needed to do their work and all the facets associated with it. It is not possible to describe my position in a single sentence. It varies from questions concerning personnel matters, quality management, safety and all related peripheral matters. You could say that my work revolves around people. Of course I am also responsible for the production process at the location, from A to Z, but the biggest factor is the human factor. Our joint goal is to jointly serve our members and customers. My role is to ensure that my team and location each day perform such that we can deliver what we have agreed upon. 

  • What makes your work so enjoyable?

    What makes my work enjoyable? As part of my position as assistant plant manager, I carry a lot of responsibilities, but I also have a certain level of freedom. Nobody tells me 'this is what your day looks like'. Of course you have objectives, so one way or another you must ensure that you organise the process in the plant increasingly better and more efficiently. Everybody understands that.

We aim for the most optimal result together. The thing that I enjoy most about my work is working with people. Everyone has a story to tell that requires your understanding and that you need to acknowledge. The diversity within the team also requires different communication styles.

What kind of people are working in this team?

Generally speaking, down-to-earth people work here who use common sense to see what they are doing. People know what they can expect from each other. That is the nice thing about the team. I devote a great deal of time, energy and attention to the entire team and the location to preserve this.

What kind of people do you still need for your team?

What I consider important is that we hire people who are cut from the right cloth. We are looking for people who enjoy their work, who would like to further develop themselves and people who would like to work together with us to accomplish what we have agreed upon.

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