Heine van Assen, Cattle Advisor

‘I am working every day to help the customer one step further.'

What is your job at Agrifirm?

I am a Cattle Advisor. This means that I manage my own client portfolio in my own region. I am working every day to help the customer one step further.

  • What do you enjoy about your work?

    I love being in a service industry. I don't feel like a salesman, even though I sell products. One customer just does what you advise, the other customer is a real sparring partner with whom you are on equal footing and where you are critical of each other. 

Can you tell something about the team you work in?

Our teams are divided into regions. Our team has about 25 people. We work in small groups within the regions. Some colleagues are mainly in the north of the region, some in the middle, so you kind of work with a fixed group of colleagues around you. Basically we work independently and fill in our own schedule.

Where are you proud of?

It is great to see that you can help a client move forward. That you and the client can look back with satisfaction and see that you achieved something together.