Quirini Baars, Cattle Advisor

‘Working with livestock farmers gives me energy! Together we pursue the best possible result!’

What does your day as Cattle Advisor look like?

In my work as Cattle Advisor, no one day is the same. I coach my own customers in various areas that are relevant to a dairy farm. In addition I work on acquisition; in other words, I try to acquire new customers.  I work independently, which means that I do not see my colleagues every day. Despite this, I do not feel alone, because I meet customers every day and have enjoyable contacts with them. Together with my direct colleagues we form a single team. This team consists of a sales manager, advisors and specialists. The specialists are specialised in a singly subject area, for example young cattle, roughage, robot milking or compound feed.

  • What makes your work so enjoyable?

    Working with livestock farmers gives me energy! We prepare goals together that we work on the following year. We put the focus on optimising the farm within the range of possibilities available to each unique entrepreneur. What is unique about Agrifirm is that we are free to make our own decisions. This makes it possible for me to act fast and offer excellent service. In addition, advisors are trained in actual practice in different areas that are playing out at that particular moment.

What are you doing to help create a responsible food chain?

Together with the livestock farmer I aim for a vital livestock herd in which a balanced ration is tremendously important for the cow. Herein I look for what the cow needs to achieve the healthiest possible production. I am proud! Proud of the farmer, to begin with. And proud that I have the privilege of coaching him/her in achieving the healthiest possible milk production, that I am able to work with him/her on developing the farm, as well as on creating a responsible food chain.