Amber van Zante, Commercial Advisor Cattle

‘Working with livestock farmers gives me energy! Together we pursue the best possible result!’

What does your day as Commercial Advisor Cattle look like?

My function as Commercial Advisor Cattle is a combination of sales and field work. I work a number of days at the office, where I primarily work on selling products by phone. On the other days, I may be working at a customer site on relationship management and acquisition.

  • Our team consists of eight young, driven and enthusiastic people.  The most important thing is that you must be able to accept that the day may go differently than you had originally planned.

    You must enjoy customer contact and you must be able to cope with the hustle and bustle. The combination of sales and field work means that you regularly see your colleagues. Sometimes two of us together will make a visit, so that we can reinforce one another.

The atmosphere at Bonda is that we work hard, but there is also room for social interaction at appropriate times. The social interaction takes place in the form of team outings. Bonda has a separate activities committee and twice a year we have a meeting with fun activities.

What makes your work so enjoyable?

The nice thing about my work is the combination of sales and field work and to work supply-driven in this respect. That creates a certain tension. It is always a challenge to be able to serve customers well. Sometime demand is high with less product, and sometimes the reverse is true. Supply and demand also depend on how the year went. How much roughage is there? Drought affects our trade. In recent years we have had many dry summers; less grass and corn grow then, and there is then an increased demand for our products.

What are you doing to help create a responsible food chain?

Our contribution to creating a responsible food chain for future generations is our use of residual flows. These residual flows will become increasingly more important over the coming years and we are aware of this. The interesting thing is that some people have no idea of the kind of residual flows being released by food plants and breweries. They are surprised to hear that we have a market for this. There is a need for creating awareness in this area.