Lambert Polinder, Environmental Lawyer 

"If you end up in legal proceedings as a farmer, it's scary. It's nice then to be assisted by someone who knows their way around." 

What do you do as an environmental lawyer? 

As an environmental lawyer at Agrifirm Exlan, I assist customers who are involved in legal proceedings. This includes enforcement processes, objection and appeal procedures surrounding permits. Nitrogen and odor nuisance, for example, are topics that crop up regularly. 

  • I often sit at the farmer's table. In this way I visit farms throughout the Netherlands, in all sorts of sectors, and different types of companies in terms of activities, size and entrepreneurship. I really enjoy that variety in my work. In the legal process, of course I aim to win a case. Preferably at the front end, before objections or appeals are filed. That doesn't always work out. In those cases, I go for the interests of the farmer. 

Why work at Agrifirm Exlan? 

The agricultural sector is in my genes, that is why I enjoy working at Exlan. My father was already in an agricultural cooperative and I was a pig farmer myself. From this background it became my mission to help farmers move forward. When legislation puts farmers in a tight spot, it appeals to my sense of justice. At Exlan I can use my influence to do something about it. 

At Exlan we are right in the middle of current events. The nitrogen issue and legislation surrounding nature and agriculture is also a social discussion. That also makes working at Exlan very interesting. 

What is your contribution to a responsible food chain? 

Current legislation focuses on sustainability. At Exlan, we help our clients operate within that legislation. In addition, we have set up a number of innovative projects to anticipate upcoming legislation and regulations. Think of future proof barn designs that are good for animals and climate. All our work is aimed at a sustainable food chain for future generations. 

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