Serkan Kurnaz, IT Specialist User Support

‘I am proud to be able to work for Agrifirm, because this way I also contribute to a sustainable food chain for future generations.’

What do you do as IT Specialist User Support at Agrifirm?

I work in the User Support department. I provide local support to colleagues at all office locations in the Netherlands.

  • What do you enjoy most about your work?

    Every day is different. Our work is incident-driven. That makes it dynamic and never monotonous. The contact with colleagues gives me energy. For my work I visit various Agrifirm locations. I primarily visit the office locations in the western and southern parts of the country. Because you often visit the same locations, people get to know you and that creates confidence. As a result, customers (colleagues, ed.) are not afraid to tell you what they need.

What is unique about working at Agrifirm?

This function is more or less the same in every company, but here you also get to see what is going on outside the office, in the business and with farmers. Furthermore, people are very committed. You are listened to carefully, and when you come up with ideas, you are also listened to seriously. There is mutual confidence, at least within the IT department.

Aside from this confidence, you are also given the opportunity to develop yourself. In IT, you are required to complete a number of mandatory training days each year, but aside from this compulsory training, you also have the choice of taking some other training courses of your own choosing and liking. Also, there are enough career advancement opportunities within the company.

What are you proud of?

I am proud to be able to work for Agrifirm because this means that I can contribute to a sustainable food chain for future generations.