Mariëlle Jans, Manager Business Applications 

‘What is unique about IT at Agrifirm is that you work for the farmer and a responsible food chain.’

What is your job as Manager Business Applications at Agrifirm?

I work in the IT Group, Agrifirm's central IT department. Here I am Manager Business Applications. Together with a team of process specialists and solution architects, we manage and develop the IT landscape, the IT systems.

  • What do you enjoy most about your work?

    What I enjoy most about my work is that we are working on renovation, development and innovation in the area of IT. We improve the operational processes at Agrifirm, for example for lead to order, HR and finance. I started working at Agrifirm more than 12 years ago.

Six years ago we started up a large programme known as One Way of Working. At the time we settled on S/4 Hana and were one of the first in the Netherlands to migrate to this environment. I am proud that Agrifirm took the step to be a frontrunner and work with the latest technology. A lot more has been planned. OneSAP has been rolled out in various countries and we are going to roll this out even further. Partly in Belgium at Quartes and at Exlan. We will also roll it out in Poland and Hungary, among others.

What is unique about working at Agrifirm?

We are an IT department, but work at Agrifirm. And at Agrifirm means for the farmer and a responsible food chain. You feel, observe and experience this everywhere. It's not just IT, we do it for the farmer. It is a very nice combination. With IT we work on helping to ensure that orders can be scheduled easily, that the invoice looks good and that products can be produced. This is what makes it great and unique at Agrifirm.

What are the opportunities for advancement at Agrifirm?

Agrifirm is a company that devotes attention to the individual through various means, such as the Agrifirm Academy. We encourage people to work on innovation, improvement proposals and personal development. You are not a number, there always are opportunities to grow and develop yourself. Despite the busy agendas, there is always room for this. The past six years were not only characterised by the system's rollout, but we also invested considerably in people. We gave everyone the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with the programme through means of an internal training programme.