Pascal, Planner at Bonda

‘We are able to process a wide range of materials. The unique element in all this is our mixing unit.’

What does your day as Planner look like?

On paper I am a planner, but we are much more involved in the Supply Chain. A transport planner arranges the transport of full trucks from point A to point B; we also give thought to new recipes. Aside from transport, we also have a mixing unit with a supply and removal schedule and we also discuss the composition of our mixtures. So you are much more involved in managing and planning than just planning truck transport. No one day is the same. This is really true. This is why I have been doing this work for 15 years with much satisfaction.  

  • What makes your work so enjoyable?

    What makes my work so enjoyable is that almost nothing else compares to it. I am not aware of any other job or business sector that deals with residual flows the way we do in our company. Nothing is thrown out at Bonda, or at Agrifirm for that matter. What is unique at Bonda is the mixing unit, which enables us to process just about anything.

What are you doing to help create a responsible food chain?

The agricultural sector has always been innovative in dealing with raw materials and residual flows. At Bonda we contribute to creating a responsible food chain by paying careful attention to what we are mixing. We give thought to every load: are we able to make use of it and are we able to mix it? Sometimes we receive products at no cost. Every load is assessed to determine what we can do with it. We try to avoid having too much of a specific product on hand. Our contribution is that nothing gets thrown out. Before I started working here, I did not know that there were such tremendous quantities of residual product in the market and that it is marketed for goats, cows, chickens, pigs and now also for insects.