Dave, Process Operator at production site in Oss

‘Much variety and freedom, I can really make my own decisions.’

What does your day as Operator look like?

Each shift has four operators. When a shift is handed over to us, one person takes over the operating function, two look after pressing and one person looks after the peripheral activities. In other words, each shift is responsible for three functions and you are constantly switching.

When you work in operations, you manage the shift. Not everyone is qualified to work in operations: you need to know the entire plant, how everything fits together and where everything is located. As presser you spend most of your time in the plant walking around. You perform various activities, such as taking samples, measuring and making adjustments. When you work on the peripheral activities, you are responsible for resolving malfunctions and emptying and cleaning silos. In short, there is a great deal of variety.

  • Why work at Agrifirm?

    At one time I started working at Agrifirm as a holiday worker for three months or so. These three months became a year and I have now been employed by Agrifirm for twelve years! I still like it here. In my work as process operator I have much variety and freedom, I can really make my own decisions. In addition, Agrifirm also helps you with education and training courses. The is why many colleagues here are enrolled in a training programme. As for myself, I am taking a course focused on compound feed.

What kind of people work here?

In one word: go-getters. The people who work here must be willing to work. So every once in a while you go out with a grease gun to grease whatever is needed. This is not a place to wear a tie, you are expected to work inside the plant. We largely look after the division of tasks ourselves. No one here tells you to 'do this or do that'. Your aim, together with your own shift, is to ensure that everyone is able to work in a relaxed atmosphere and goes home with a good feeling. We really are a team, we share our joys and sorrows together.